Click Funnels Tutorial – How To Build Your First Click Funnel (15 Minutes)

Click Funnels Tutorial - How To Build Your First Click Funnel (15 Minutes)

Watch this 15 Minutes video of How To Build Your First ClickFunnel Tutorial and this will show how you will build your first ever marketing funnel. 

I have a ClickFunnels Review for 2019 and here you will see that this is the best software of its type available online and the community is there to help you. 


ClickFunnels Training - The First Funnel You Should Build

Click Funnels Tutorial – How To Build Your First Click Funnel (15 Minutes)

Click Funnels Tutorial – How To Build Your First Click Funnel (15 Minutes)

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Free Click Funnels Tutorial – How To Build Your First Click Funnel (15 Minutes)

Today I’ll show you how to build your very first marketing funnel in just 15 minutes using the clickfunnels platform.

This is probably the easiest, fastest way to build a website, especially an opt in page or landing page.

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Click Funnels Tutorial – How To Build Your First Click Funnel (15 Minutes)

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50 thoughts on “Click Funnels Tutorial – How To Build Your First Click Funnel (15 Minutes)”

  1. dude great video.. are you a signed up member to clickfunnels (paying member) or just an affiliate or both? talked about very detailed video very awesome

  2. Checkout My YOUTUBE channel and see FREE Landing Page Making Ideas & FREE Traffic generating Tip & Tricks Now 😎✌

  3. Chris Asilo Decastro

    Thanks Brad for this Video. This is helpful!

    I am kind of confuse with actionetics and integrating your autoresponder with clickfunnels. What is actionetics do? Is it for your email list wherein acts as an auyoresponder?

  4. Hey brad, awesome video
    So if you wanted to add a product will you add in a landing page before the thank you page

  5. so when using clickfunnels this is separate from your website (blog), can you connect clickfunnels to your blog?

  6. Thanks awesome stuff. After you set up you need to send it somewhere. How do you Build your list through what channel?

  7. The Nomad Brad, just a constructive criticism. You moved your mouse way too much, it’s really really hard to follow your teaching, it looks like you are all over place. You can easily lose somebody who is trying to learn how to use funnels. Please slow down, you talk fast plus moving your mouse 200 miles per hour. It makes really hard to understand what you are trying to teach.

  8. I have learn a little more. Great stuff. How can one send a person after opt-in to a questionnaire to be submitted

  9. Marla Martenson

    Great video, I just wonder how to add the free gift that they get for signing up? How is that added and delivered?

  10. Perfect tutorial. I really appreciate how you guided the entrepreneur slowly through this step process. Thanks. Very informative platform.

  11. Keller Williams Lifestyle

    Great, simple step by step video. Do you have any videos about how to integrate clickfunnels into a facebook ad?

  12. Chandramauli kumar

    Hi Brad, I’m beginner, I just want to use squeeze with video funnel to send to acquire clients. Would have to make around 100-200 funnels. What plan should I go for?

  13. DeeHall 47's Rugby League Info.

    Hello Nomad Brad. I’m trying to build my very first click funnel.
    I hope this info helps me

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