ClickFunnels Review Video Alert| Don’t Buy ClickFunnels- Top 5 Reasons

ClickFunnels Review Video Alert| Don't Buy ClickFunnels- Top 5 Reasons

This video review regarding ClickFunnels will help you decide if this software is right for you. If you consider this platform, you need to watch it for an honest review. 

You can also check My ClickFunnels Review for 2019 for more details that might help you.

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ClickFunnels Review Video Alert| Don’t Buy ClickFunnels- Top 5 Reasons

ClickFunnels Review Video Alert| Don’t Buy ClickFunnels- Top 5 Reasons

I have a love-hate relationship with this software provider, but this honest ClickFunnels Review will help you decide if this software is right for you. If Your considering CF, then you need to watch this honest ClickFunnels review video for 2017 before you buy it.

Please don’t buy ClickFunnels by Russell Brunson until you’ve seen this ClickFunnels video review.

In this video review, I’m going to talk about why ClickFunnels changed my business, if it’s the best website builder or not, and if it’s worth the price and cost. Plus, a walk-through of some of the features that ClickFunnels has that will allow you to build a webinar funnels.

Now for the negative; I no longer recommend ClickFunnels. In this honest ClickFunnels review of reviews, I only outline the cons of the program created by Russell Brunson.

Now is it the real deal or scam? And is it worth the price and cost? The short answer is yes and no. Yes, it’s the ClickFunnels is the real deal and no, it’s not worth the price.

It can help you start making your own internet business today, giving immediate access to sales funnels, webinar funnels, and lunch funnels.

I personally tried multiple capture page & funnel builders and I was not fully satisfied until I joined ClickFunnels so it’s no surprise over the past 12 months a new tool called ClickFunnels has taken over the internet. Its rapid adoption across the marketing community is what drew me to the software and lend to this ClickFunnels review video.

Even though ClickFunnels is the real deal I hand to make this ClickFunnels review outing my honest opinion of ClickFunnels and its potential for success. All of these marketing funnels above can be built in ClickFunnels in a very short timeframe, but the big drawback is the ClickFunnels Price.

This account will give you access for 2 full weeks so you can look under the hood and have some fun with ClickFunnels. I’ll let the trial speak for itself, however, I still strongly recommend you don’t buy ClickFunnels by Russell Brunson; be sure to watch the full ClickFunnels review video to find out why.

If you enjoyed my ClickFunnels video review please leave a comment below!

Disclaimer: Please note that all recommendations & links are affiliate promotions.

ClickFunnels Review Video Alert| Don’t Buy ClickFunnels- Top 5 Reasons


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50 thoughts on “ClickFunnels Review Video Alert| Don’t Buy ClickFunnels- Top 5 Reasons”

  1. I gave CF a try but something about it just didn’t appeal to me. Thanks for doing this video because now I’m sure I made the right choice.

  2. JASON, like your well reasoned criticisms. Please look at my comment below. Did you know anyone can add themselves to Click Funnel’s database? They can.

  3. Nice, nice. This has been extremely helpful, with me gaining ClickFunnels knowledge (I just subscribed). Thank you for sharing.

  4. Sir Raymond LuxuryYacht

    Shameless promotion – Yes, when I went to their page through an affiliate link, they have some automatic video play (which I dislike anyway) with some hard-sell guy swearing; That makes me think they have an unprofessional attitude, if that’s their promotion page

  5. I use Thrive Themes and Elementor. opt-in / landing pages in Thrive since they have the best way to send signups over to MailChimp ( or any other autoresponder) + many nice templates you can customize so it looks very different, and sales pages, info pages in Elementor since I love the "elements" or blocks if you like to call them that. Elementor is a dream to work in and are also very nice to edit blogs with. I have access to them both in a system based on WP. I have never used Clickfunnels btw.

  6. Go Digital Today

    Hey Jason, sorry for being a dick with you on my comment, I dont remember it when but I blasted you and called you an @ss*&^%^$#. Now I started to like your content. I learned a lot and Im getting matured about the business we are into. I have a Digital Agency now and Now I really understand this video. Thank you. and Im sorry for what I did before.

  7. This video is 2 years old. I’m curious if ClickFunnels has updated the issues Jason has brought up in this video…?


    Have the Click Funnels Trails on with the Date of Payment Button on by Email Alert Click.

  9. I have come across similar issues out there , your probably better off learning how to build your own from the ground up , you will save money and know that much more !?

  10. Hey Jason! I’m a new subscriber for the channel and I love your content! I’m just getting started in the online space and right now I’m currently trying to promote a digital product that informs people about how to make money online using social media as well as the strategies you can use to gain traffic to your profiles. I was wondering do you do any one one critiques or help on people’s funnels? I want to build one and test it but I thought, "hey, it’s best to ask someone who seems like they know what they are doing?”

  11. Danielle Celeste

    I’ve been burned by Russell Branson’s lame personal funnel and his sales team when I bought his book and didn’t receive it in the mail. Brunson is a scammer.

  12. Yeah Im a new bee and wow! I feel totally rip drove a heap of traffic and bought traffic and no sales BS WTF, that’s even after removing sneeky affiliate links within a share funnel and replacing with my own…Im ready to call the Police

  13. It is  cool to see your influence growing. 
    Serious congrats to you. But, you have a different perspective than I do because of your position. So I just wanted to see what you think about this whole Funnel Builder Secrets thing?
    I’m sure you’ve seen it.

  14. Just wondering if you realize how huge the internet is, and it’s still growing everyday, I have been working online since 1999 talk with people everyday who have never seen what I am offering so when you say everybody is using the same templates makes no difference what so ever. you will never reach everyone on the internet. I don’t use click funnels or anything like that,

  15. As a brand new digital marketer, I am not ready to spend $97 per month for a clickfunnel account, after the $14 day trial. Is there a MORE economical option for us newbies?

  16. Valerie Campbell

    As a newbie, i didn’t find the website intuitive or that easy to navigate. A bit overwhelming. Whats the best way to proceed?


  18. Answer the real questions buddy boy! I read all these comments ,most of them, and notice you answer lame irrelevant questions…..

  19. What is the best alternative. I’m just starting out so I want the best value. I would appreciate any feedback ✌


    HORRIBLE TECH SUPPORT! QUIT telling us how many members you have and start supporting them! Days and days to get help!

  21. It’s July 2019, and I realized they still haven’t fixed that last issue. I kept trying to log into an account and it kept sending me to their home page. I kept wondering why there was no error message IF I was using the wrong email to sign in with. I finally had to go look through 3 email accounts to figure out where my emails went to.

  22. Hi Jason. Thanks for your great insights. However, i noticed that this video is fairly old (2017). Has Clickfunnels made some changes now? What funnel builder would you now recommend?

  23. Clickfunnels is a scam. Because anyone can easily do it without paying a dime per month. Go to google, signup search for ppc and create a ad campaign for your clients. That’s it.

  24. My main product in my business is online courses. I have a very large following of enrolled students, but still nothing to write home about. I need to scale and clickfunnel’s marketing feels like it might be the missing element. I’m also looking at kajabi (clearing for online courses) a much prettier option and was designed for course creation vs clickfunnels designed for funnels and marketing. Any experience with kajabi??

  25. Tim Coe - VideoSkunk

    Jason, do you really think people are going to say, "Hey, I’ve seen this page layout before. I’m not buying here. This is crap!"? No way man. People have got far important things to worry about in life than remembering page design. I’ve always had the same argument about people who slag off website templates. WHO is actually going to notice…apart from you maybe? 🙂

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