Does Legendary Marketer Even Work? Here is The Truth! (Q&A)

Does Legendary Marketer Even Work? Here is The Truth! (Q&A)

Some people are claiming that Legendary Marketer is a Scam. Well, definitely it is not. I have been a part of Legendary Marketer since 2018 and I can say that the training I have been with them has the power to change your life forever!

As soon as you are now ready to make your decision, here is the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge to help you get started on the road to your financial success and freedom.


Does Legendary Marketer Even Work? Here is The Truth! (Q&A)

Does Legendary Marketer Even Work? Here is The Truth! (Q&A)

Does legendary marketer work?
My number one recommendation here:

I had a comment below my video asking “ is this company working for anyone else besides Jay Brown” well in this video I’m going to answer that question for everyone who’s watching because I get this accent quite often.

Legendary marketer scam?

No legendary marketer is far from being a scam, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of members making a income from this program. Results don’t lie.

Legendary marketer Review go here:

Click here if you want to be a part of our team:

Does Legendary Marketer Even Work? Here is The Truth! (Q&A)


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Is Legendary Marketer Right For You?

Legendary Marketer is really only for those people who are serious about changing their lives and developing a business online and getting financial freedom.

Legendary Marketer is not a get rich quick package, the courses and knowledge that you can access when you become a Legendary Marketer have the power to transform your life.

I know this because it changed my life!

Legendary Marketer Business Builder Challenge!

To see if Legendary Marketer and Dave Sharpe are a good fit for you, you can take part in the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge. The information is this course is amazing and can really clarify your efforts if you have been trying for some time to make money online.

When you join and go through all the steps you will have an opportunity to join the professionals and really become Legendary with access to training that has the power to change your life!

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41 thoughts on “Does Legendary Marketer Even Work? Here is The Truth! (Q&A)”

  1. Fatboy's Hotwheels

    I’m tired of working a 9-5 I still want to work but like jay said I wanna put in 3+ hours extra to make more money to start my own business

  2. plz make a video like textbroker but its not worldwide plz do something beckz i need to earn money by typing plz plz plz

  3. Christine Cierra

    I’ve recently just joined a few days ago through you. I am beyond excited to begin this journey. Thanks so much for posting these videos!

  4. Gabriel Mothobi

    Hey there Big Jay! Dude you are an incredible inspiration and I just joined Legendary Marketer through your link and I can hardly wait to upgrade to the highest level as soon as possible… I will gladly put in the time and hard work, and I hope with your help with all these fantastic vids, I will get there! You Rock Big Jay!

  5. Pheaon Prince Jr.

    I’ve never done affiliate marketing until about a month ago and I’m ALREADY getting results! Of course not as much as the Master Jay, haha but the point is, it works! As long as you put in the hard work and dedication and take action YOU will be successful!

  6. Would I have to do You Tube videos to promote Legendary Marketer products? What methods are used to market the products?

  7. hi the video is great but, i am not getting it to work for me, one because i am not from the usa, i am from the Caribbean, so how can it work for me?

  8. When people show the sales , I think that is great, but what is your ad spend , and your average profit ? 🙂

  9. can you start at $30 month to join and upgrade to the other levels at any time or do you have to do it within a time frame?

  10. Conversing with Kendra

    I have a question. Once you pay the thirty dollars is there an additional cost to "upgrade" the course? Everyone seems to dance around if there is an additional cost to the leader and builder courses. I want to join and I just want to make sure that I do not need an additional thousand dollars to really make money.

  11. I want to join but I have a ? Do you have to have a Facebook or Instagram to make money through the company? Also if I don’t make money within my first 30 days will I be able to get my $30 back?

  12. what’s the difference between this and MLM pyramid marketing schemes? All of the videos on Legendary Marketer are fishy. No one seems to be able to explain in detail what all of this is about. What are the products that you’re promoting. It seems like the only way people make money are from people joining. IT SEEMS LIKE THE PRODUCTS ARE THE PEOPLE. This is quite disappointing. I thought you were legitimate.

  13. I also was just wondering, does this program work for other people outside the US? like for example if I’m in the UK

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