How to start promoting legendary marketer

How To Get Started Promoting Legendary Marketer

Let me get this clear straight away, Legendary Marketer is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a real education program with an inbuilt business opportunity / franchise that has the power to change your life, if you act and do what you need to do to succeed.

This is not a definitive guide but hopefully something to send you in the right direction and get started with this program. I am a member of Legendary Marketer but am not one of the coaches and not employed by them in anyway. If you have other question’s please contact your personal coach.

I am just trying to help all the people that I see on Facebook who have completed the 15 Core Steps and am now at a loss as to what to do next.

This article is targeted at those who are either already enrolled in Legendary Marketer or are thinking about whether to join.

If you are still thinking about it you can join via my link here, this is a squeeze page and sales funnel which is something you will learn to use by reading this article.

There are a number of other websites and programs that I mention in this article but you do not need them to succeed, they are just what I use and recommend because I have found they have made my life easier, some may be an affiliate link, again, this is something that you will learn about in the article and how to use them.

I hope you enjoy the article and that you refer back to it, when you are see someone who needs a little guidance please send them to the this article online at ( or email them a copy as a PDF.

You can also friend me on Facebook, send me a quick message to let me know who you are, like my fanpage or join my group.  You can also find me on Instagram, Youtube and at my blog.  All things that I will show you in this article.

A little about me

Before Legendary Marketer I was, and still am a web designer and local digital marketer, this was following a career in the military.  I found it hard to adapt to civilian life and ran several businesses, one of which was a softplay centre and indoor skatepark.  This business was successful but I have never been so stressed or worked so hard in my life (success is objective).  An opportunity arose for me and my wife to liquidate the business and walk away, although this left us in a lot of debt it was the best thing that we ever did.  After a period of unemployment, my wife and I then started working for ourselves again, I went into web design and marketing and my wife turned her hobby of buying and selling clothing into an online business.

Both of us were doing OK and getting by but we were still working hard and putting in a lot of hours, with the help of Legendary Marketer I re-evaluated my business model and changed it. We both can now do what we want and have our freedom back, thanks to Legendary Marketer.

By reading this article and watching the videos, I will hopefully be able to point you in the right direction for making money online with or without Legendary (I will release the article without the videos and add them as I go – Ready, Fire, Aim).  Legendary Marketer will give you a passion and a massive head start, I wish I had found Legendary Marketer years ago.

Ready, Fire, Aim!

This saying from T.Harv Eker in his book ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ is so true, if you would like a copy in PDF just visit this link

Make sure you read this book, it will change how you look at your life and make you see how you have been programmed to struggle through life. Once you realise this is not your fault and you can change it you will start to see huge changes in your life.  I read this book constantly, once I finish it, I read something else and then read it again. Every time I discover something new.

You can also sign up for a free webinar here. T.Harv Eker Webinar registration.

Let's Get Started

Do not over complicate what you are trying to do, as T.Harv Eker says above, get ready and fire (basically get started) once started you can then adjust and change your approach.  None of us, including Dave Sharpe get it right the first time and we all learn by making mistakes, adjusting and improving.

This is the same for every successful person ever.  

The difference is that to be successful you need to take action and start.

You have watched the 15 Core Steps but do not know what to do now. If you are looking to make money from promoting Legendary Marketer and you are brand new to this area then I recommend doing the following steps. These steps apply to you selling anything online.


If you haven’t done so already, create a personal Facebook profile, join the Legendary Marketer Facebook Group and get involved. You will soon see that you are not alone and there is a huge community out there who want to help you.  

This is also a great place to start making friends with others in the group, just look at who is already part of the group and send out some friend requests and build relationships.  It will not be long before you are the one offering advice and helping new members.

Make your profile professional, have a good picture of you and create a nice banner using  As your Facebook presence grows other people will start to visit your profile to see who you are and if you have a picture of a dog or cat as your profile then this doesn’t look good.

If you do not want people to know what you are doing you can create a new profile just for your business, however, make sure that it is slightly different from your personal one, use different images and maybe include a middle initial, this will stop Facebook from thinking that the profile is someone trying to copy your identity.

Identify Your Audience?

Take a bit of time, get yourself a notebook and think about who would be interested in Legendary Marketer, who would benefit from the training courses and information it provides. We are all unique and will have lots of ideas about who would find the training useful and why.

Once you have an idea, start to look for lots of different facebook groups to get involved in. For example, there are loads of work from home and marketing groups out there. Join them, watch what is going on, read the comments and get involved in the conversations going on. Do not be afraid to get involved, just remember to always be polite and try to offer value to the other users.


Do not go into these groups and promote Legendary Marketer as an Affiliate Program, it is far more than that. Instead, if the opportunity presents itself talk about what you have learned and then mention Legendary Marketer later.  You can strike up a lot of friendships in these groups and by helping others you will see that come back on yourself.

I find it useful to use Microsoft Notebook, when I answer a question I make a note of what I have put because you will lots of people having a similar issue, you then copy and paste the answer / question / advice in to your comment box rather than typing out the response every time.

Once your confidence has grown a little and you know a bit more about the direction you want to go in you can then create a Facebook Fan Page of your own and then a Facebook Group, the best way to generate leads because the members see 100% of your posts and they have chosen to hear from you.

If you can dedicate a minimum of 1 hour a night to just getting involved on Facebook, offering value and advice you will soon see interest in what you have to say, other users will soon start to become friends and contacts, all you do is tell them about Legendary Marketer and how it helped you develop, when they show interest all you need to do is send them to your squeeze page or direct to your affiliate link.

Once into the sales funnel Legendary Marketer will do the rest for you.

There is no secret to Facebook, you just need to get involved.

Create Professional Images Using Canva


Instagram is simple to use but you need to be using it a lot. You can set up a free Instagram account, put in a simple description with a shortened link ( and start posting images, you can make these yourself www.canva.comor buy them from to save time and include your logo in them, you can get a logo from Fiverr.

All you need to do is search for people who have similar interests and then see who is following them. They will then follow you back. All you do then is rinse and repeat, search, find, follow, get followed.

What will happen is once you have established a following, they will visit your description to see what you are about and maybe click on the link to your Legendary Marketer Funnel or whatever product you are promoting.

You have only 150 characters to use so use them wisely.

The secret to Instagram is building an active following from those interested in what you have to say. By targeting hashtags and people with similar interests you can generate some fantastic results with this. If you do not have the time you can use Bleupage Ultimate, Hootsuite or Sprout Social to do all the work for you. These platforms are designed to post onto these websites for you so you do not have to worry about it.


Create an account and start making videos, think about the sort of people that Legendary Marketer would appeal to, put yourself in their shoes and watch videos, use these to give you inspiration.  If you are finding their video’s then what they are doing is working.

Remember that all these great YouTubers were all in the same position as you and have built their digital reputation by creating videos, if you look at all the videos you can see how they have developed over time. Most started with nothing and just by keeping going and provide great content they have succeeded and grown.

You can do the same, watch the Nathan Lucas interview in Legendary Marketer training to see how to do it. Perseverance is the key to success.  Just keep releasing videos.

If you cannot think of anything at all to make videos about then watch the videos in the marketers club and talk about them and how much you are benefiting from what you are learning.  YouTube is a slow burner but is the most powerful of all the free marketing types, just keep making videos and the subscribers and leads will come.

However, it grows exponentially, it is like a snowball, the more subscribers you get, the more exposure you receive which leads to more subscribers which leads to more exposure etc

I have watched Youtuber’s who only had 400 subscribers just over a year ago and now have over 160,000, by being consistent and providing content they have succeeded.  And so can you!

The more you make videos you make the easier it will become. If you really do not like being on video there are several options you can do instead, you can use

  • Screencast-o-matic to record the screen of your computer as you talk about something. The videos that you are watching in this articles were created with this software.
  • Builderall to create professional animated / cartoon explainer videos.
  • Powerpoint to create your slideshows that you can then record your voice over.
  • Windows Live Video Maker to put them all together, already installed on a majority of computers.

Nearly every computer has an inbuilt microphone, the quality may not be the best but it will be good enough for YouTube and to get you started. Do not let not having the best equipment stand in your way.

Again, all I can say is, watch videos on Youtube, see what is working and use them for inspiration.

When making your videos just make sure you make full use of the title, description, tags and thumbnail.

There are loads of other free methods to use but these are the fastest to get started.

Email Marketing

During your marketing and promotion, if you are not capturing the emails of your potential leads then you are making a large mistake.  By building up email addresses you can continue to advertise to people who are interested in your product.

You are probably on someone email list already, if you are already part of Legendary Marketer or have shown interest in it then you are already receiving emails from them.

Most people do not buy a product straight away but have to be exposed to an offer at least 7 times before they will even start to think of making a decision to purchase. So, if you are sending your leads direct to your offer without capturing their email address you are losing sales straight away.

To capture an email address, you need to do the following, create a squeeze page and then feed that email into an auto-responder series so that you can follow up on your leads.

To encourage sign ups you can offer something for free in exchange for their email address, a great way to do this if you are not a fan of writing is to find a PLR (Private Label Rights) product to offer, these are products, videos, ebooks, software that you can brand as your own and do what you want with them.  I use a platform called Master Resell Rights to find a PLR product that you can download and giveaway. Its also a great place to learn from because the products are really good.

I use a digital marketing platform call Builderall to manage all my email lists, auto-responders and create my squeeze pages. It also does a ton of other things as well.  I provide a free training course if you would like to learn more about and if you click the link above you can also get a 7 day free trial of Builderall.

Create A Squeeze Page and Email List

More Advanced and Paid Methods

Start a blog / website, you will need to pay for hosting and a domain name, I do not recommend using free website providers because you are very limited with what you can do. For less than $5 per month you can create a blog or website using WordPress.

For hosting I would recommend Hostgator because they have fantastic customer support via Live Chat and have always been fast to help and solve whatever problem I have had.

I would recommend using Astra Themes which is free and Yoast to make the most of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but this is a great place to host any quality content that you create, such as transcripts of your YouTube videos.

If you have a bit more to invest I would recommend building your blog on Builderall because this will give you access to lots more features that you need and can utilise for your business.

Blogs work by you creating great and unique content, again, think about who would benefit from learning about Legendary Marketer and write articles (you can pay for them at iwriter and get someone else to write them for you) optimise the articles and add your link back to Legendary Marketer at the end of the article or on your website / blog.

This can also be used to promote and link to all your other social media accounts as well.

As you become comfortable with working online I would recommend that you join Builderall so that you can start to build squeeze pages to capture the emails of your potential clients so that you can continue to market to them.

Capturing emails is the best way to succeed online and will give you an endless source of income once you have built a responsive list of people who want to read what you have to say.

You can also set up what are called auto-responders that will automatically send emails to your readers.  This means that you never have to worry about remembering to get online everyday and send out messages to your list.

Although you can automate your emails it is always best to send out personal messages to your list about what you are doing or something you have found that could benefit them.

Remember that if you put other people before yourself and provide good quality content and help them, this will come back to you and benefit you in the future, especially when they trust you and you can let them know about how you succeeded with Legendary Marketer.

Buying Traffic

There are loads of places where you can purchase traffic from to promote Legendary Marketer, however, I will mention some that I do not use. If you decide to use them please make sure you carry out some research first.

Facebook Ads

You will not be able to promote Legendary Marketer on Facebook Ads if you are trying to promote it as a business opportunity.

However, if you write your adverts based around the education and the benefits users will receive by being part of the course then they should get approved.

Facebook ads are notoriously hard to get right and if your advert does not get approved do not give up, try a different angle to promote Legendary from, remember, you just need to get people into the Legendary Marketer funnel.  They will do the rest and promote it for you.

If you try and use Facebook Ads to promote Legendary Marketer as a business they will not get approved.

Solo Ads

Solo Ads are where people who already have an email list (could be you soon) sell a certain amount of clicks by telling their readership about your product.  You then pay for the number of clicks that you receive, however, clicks do not guarantee sales.

Udimi is what I use to send out solo ads, just look at what is available and within your price range, make sure you only choose sellers who have lists based 80% in tier 1 countries.

You can buy as low as 50 clicks at a time but I generally go for 200 to give me an idea of whether or not the list is any good and will convert my offers.

If you find a list that is converting well, once you have some sales under your belt you can start to upscale you click purchases.

If you do decide to purchase clicks, I recommend that you sign up to ClickMagick, this will monitor where all your leads are coming from and what lists are working for you.  This will stop you wasting money promoting to lists that are no good or who are not responsive to your offers.


Once you are generating leads you may find that time to dedicate to your business starts to run out very fast and you cannot do everything yourself. When this happens there is a fantastic solution available. Upwork is an online portal where you can hire freelancers to do jobs for you.

I use it for lots of different tasks that I just find to time consuming to fit in, like completing email autoresponder sequences, filling in facebook autoposting and adding articles to my blog.

Another great piece of software is bleapage that you can use to automate a lot of your social media, a few hours a month and you will know that you will have content going out daily, you can then concentrate on speaking to people, answering questions and helping them to succeed themselves.


I hope that you have found the article useful and will help you to get started, make sure that you continue to watch all the training in Legendary Marketer no what level you are in at or what you have access to.

The internet is the future and the only way you are going to make great money and be free, whether you just promote Legendary, become an affiliate marketer, design your own digital business or use it to build your own offline business and use the internet to succeed.

Below are all the products I use in my business but you do not need them to get started but they will help you and make your life a lot easier.

If you use the link below you will be taken to a 3 part free training course about affiliate marketing, watch the videos to give you an idea of other ways to work and generate leads.

What I Use

Legendary Marketer – The best training program that can take you and your business on a journey that you would never expect.

Builderall – The ultimate online and digital marketing platform.  If you are not using this then you are missing out, it also has an amazing two tier affiliate program.

T. Harv Eker – Inspirational Success and Motivational Leader. The webinars are fantastic and will change your life.

Master Resell Rights – A fantastic resource of PLR Products that you can download, rebrand and distribute as you own.

Upwork – Outsource your work when it becomes to much for you.

Udimi – Purchase Solo ads from professional solo ad vendors.

Pixabay – Free resource for images that are copyright free and can be used within websites or anywhere else.

Canva – An amazing free digital design program where you can create every image you need for facebook, youtube, twitter and Instagram.

Clickmagick – Monitor where all your traffic is coming from and what marketing is working for you. If you decide to do solo ads I recommend this 100% to stop you wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work. – Get everything you need done for you for as little as $5. Logos, adverts, images, videos etc.

Bleupage – Auto post to all of your social media programs from one dashboard.

Hootsuite – Social Media auto posting platform.

Sprout Social –  Social Media auto posting platform.

Screencast-o-matic – This is a very affordable screen recording solution, at about $19 for an annual subscription you can’t go wrong.  The free version is great as well but has the screencast watermark and a video length limit of 15 minutes.

iwriter – Find other people to write your articles, ebooks and anything else for you.  Fantastic website that makes life a lot easier.

Creating Your Website or Blog


WordPress – You will find a one click install within your hosting account. This is the easiest way to set up your wordpress dashboard.

Astra themes – Astra has a free theme within wordpress which gives you a fantastic start point, however, if you want more functionality then check out the premium theme upgrade.

Builderall – All in one digital marketing platform that has its own inbuilt website and blog builders.

Yoast – When you have installed your wordpress website you will find Yoast in the Plug ins section where you can download it for free.


As I stated at the start of the article this is just for information only. It is up to you what you do with it. Some of the links in the article are affiliate links but they are all programs and software that I use in my own business.

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