Instagram Bio: Tricks, Tips and Hacks for more Followers [Business edition]

Instagram Bio: Tricks, Tips and Hacks for more Followers [Business edition]

Write the perfect Instagram Bio for your business so you can get more followers and more leads.

In this video, you will learn how to set up an Instagram bio for your business and maximise your chances of reaching out to new customers.

You will learn how to add line breaks, a link, a call to action, emojis and much more.

Also included, three tricks (or hacks) to help you write the most compelling BIO and to be more visible on Instagram search results.

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Luc Durand

21 thoughts on “Instagram Bio: Tricks, Tips and Hacks for more Followers [Business edition]”

  1. I’m So glad I found your channel!! Your videos are so complete!!!!! Love it. So I’m an artist. I teach. How much set up would I need to put that in my bio? Like "I teach painting parties." What are the chances that I would get any parties from followers that just happen to live in my city? Have you helped other artists improve their bio? Thanks.

  2. Hi Luc. i’m Arthur. a newbie. I’ve been watching your videos and it is pretty helpful and amazing and big help for us. hope you don’t mind if i ask, as a newbie, is it required to have a website (and pays monthly basis) even though you don’t have a business yet?

  3. Thanks Luc so much for this tutorial! Really above & beyond the topic by letting us know about the other resources/useful websites!!! Appreciate! Now, question for you…what do you think about adding hashtags to the bio? Do you know if they effectively work? Thanks!

  4. Great Video, thx Luc! Just in case somebody would like to add multiple links, I would recommend you to use Linktree (for free).

  5. if any page tells you to complete a survey, or download applications first and then get followers, it’s a lie. been there, done that. use incentafan, it works without surveys or downloading apps.

  6. steel city domains

    brilliant as always… the ammount of info you post far surpases the paid ones people try to charge for you.. wish i had you vocal and presentation class and knowledge for my business plan and pitch ????

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