Local Citations And Link Building: : This Is What Professionals Do

Local Citations And Link Building: : This Is What Professionals Do

In this video you’ll find out why it is important to build local citations and links to your website and mostly how.

There are many ways of getting new local citations and links but, mainly through directories, however there are not all equal and there is a risk you will waste valuable time chasing the wrong ones.
The accuracy of your business information scattered around the web is also a key aspect of ranking higher in search engines and you must monitor it.

You can download a list of key directories here:

You can download a list of industry specific directories here

Use this tool to verify the accuracy of your listings

Find out which directories matter the most.

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Episode 2: Claim and verify your Google My Business Listing

Episode 3: Fast-Track Your local Content Marketing With On Page SEO Signals

Episode 4: Local Citations And Link Building: : This Is What Professionals Do

Episode 5: Getting to the Top of Google Search Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

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23 thoughts on “Local Citations And Link Building: : This Is What Professionals Do”

  1. Sir that was awesome to make it clear where to do the citation but the links provided by u, do they work for citations for a company in India?

  2. Thanks for the video! Can you or anyone else advise on the best form submitter to speed up the process? Thanks.

  3. Thank you so much Sir, I am from Pakistan and not much fluent in English i watch many videos but not clearly understand what they want to say but your communication way is very strong and I clearly understand again Thank you for this helpful video

  4. About local citation services, I don’t see the point in paying up $15-$50 for them to do citations for me, after watching this video it makes more sense to just do it myself, what do you recommend?

  5. Thank you! I really enjoyed your video since it gave me a different perspective on citations and Link building into directories. Have you heard if there is another method to optimize the entry into directories? Locally I build links and do SEO for several companies. After building a directory for that SEO, let’s say Yellow Pages for example, I go back in there with my normal civilian account, and take such actions on those pages such as follow them on Google Plus or Facebook, or hit whatever social media button is provided. Do you see any value in that?

  6. Great video but here in the US manually trying to get listed on the big name sites on moz local hot frog, yellow pages, etc is not free or easy to get listed. Some claim to give you a free listing but they hound you to buy listings (not cheap) so you actually get listed with maybe a back link. Have not had any luck with moz local citation listings very frustrating. Maybe it’s easier in the UK where you’re at.

  7. So I’ve gotten called by google 3rd party people to "boost" my google presence, they are range from $130 a month to $200 a month. One of them called me today and I asked them what their strategy is…listing my business in directories? She goes well yea BUT we know which ones matter! I said take a hike!
    Thanks sooooo much for your videos!

  8. Liked and Subscribed. Thank you for such a clear and honest explanation of GMB citations. I completely understand how this part of the process works now and I especially liked the mention of how marketing companies target businesses for monthly fees to do this when it is not really an ongoing process, more a chunk of work involved in the GMB set up. I’ll definitely be watching the other videos in this series

  9. Many of the sites listed are not free. Many sites are no longer available. Many sites are exclusive to certain countries. He gives good advice. Link building isn’t easy but will help.

  10. Wrong.. google now looks for a website link witch most directories now charge for thats why those sales people give you that call

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