Marketing Your Business

I will get your business found online and people calling or visiting you. I offer a limited number of marketing services because I know they work and are very effective.

However, if you want to market your business yourself that is absolutely fine, you can always call and speak to me and I will provide you with as much help as I can and the best methods to use.

Marketing Your Business The Right Way

Within today’s busy online environment it is very easy for businesses and websites to get lost in all the noise and confusion of what is happening online.

It seems like there is always something new happening or a new form of Social Media that is suddenly in fashion and everyone is using it.

But for local businesses there are a number of key marketing methods that work today and will continue to work long into the future.

These different marketing methods include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Paid Advertising and Google My Business. You can use just one or all of these to generate leads online.

These are what I concentrate on and what I recommend that my clients use to promote their business, however, I know and understand how busy running a business is and that it is very rarely cost effective for a business owner to do all the marketing themselves.

Below you will see the five main marketing methods that I use to promote local businesses, if you want to promote your business yourself you will find articles and videos to help you in my blog and on my YouTube Channel.

 If you have any questions about marketing your business you can just call me for a chat on 0191 5111009 and I will be here to help and advise you.

Ongoing Marketing Services

Google My Business

Google is the biggest and most popular search engine in the world and it is essential that your business can be found on it.

I put businesses on the Google Map and make sure that you will be found in the top 3 of local listings for your area and business.

To get to the top and stay there takes a lot of work but it will ensure a lot of traffic, calls, leads and customers coming to your business or contacting you for your services.

Google My Business

Content Marketing

Writing articles and becoming an expert in your industry is a fantastic way to promote your business, demonstrate your skills and give value to your potential clients.

However, you need to provide quality information and do so on a regular basis. Writing articles at least twice a month but weekly if possible.

The more you write, publish and target your articles at your audience correctly, the more leads you will attract to your business.   

Email Marketing

Email Marketing has worked effectively as method to engage with your customers and clients since the start of the internet. 

For businesses it works by giving something of value to your clients in exchange for their name and email address which you add to your email list or newsletter.

This then allows you to send a regular email to your existing or potential clients, keeping you in the forefront of their mind. This means that when they next need your services you will be the first person they think of and contact.

Email Marketing
Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

Paying for clicks to your website, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Google or YouTube is the fastest way to visitors to your business and products.

Paid advertising can be created very specifically and can target your local area and people looking exactly for the services that you provide.

Budgets can be controlled and campaigns can be started for as little as £5 per day.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) covers a lot of different areas and skills. SEO includes the information contained within your website (Onpage Optimisation) and how it is received by the search engines.

It also includes what is happening to your website (Offpage Optimisation) from outside, where other websites are connecting (linking) to your business and website. 

Ensuring that your website has effective SEO is essential to Google and the other search engines ranking your website for services that you provide.

Search Engine Optimisation

One Time Marketing Services

The marketing services below only need to be ordered and paid for once.

Once they are set up it will be your responsibility to manage them, however, I am always available if you need help or advice. 

Social Media Account Set Up

Social Media is the life blood for a lot of small and local businesses. It is essential that you have these accounts set up and looking professional.

This service will create all the accounts that you need with great profile pictures, page toppers and descriptions.

I will create for you Facebook Fan Page, Instagram, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Google Plus and YouTube accounts.  If there are other Social Media accounts you want created just let me know.


Social Media Set Up

Claim Google My Business

I will locate or create your Google My Business Listing and put all of your business details into your profile.

This means that your business will appear when customers search for you on Google Maps.

This is essential for any bricks and mortar business or local service provider.

Landing Page Email List Creation

If you want to capture the details of visitors to your website so that you can continue to market your products or services to them I will set up and create your email list and landing page.

You will require an account with Builderall in order to set up this aspect of your business.

Landing Page Creation

Are you ready to Get Your Business Online?

Get a your business online today by ordering below or call me on 0191 5111009 to discuss which option would work best for your needs.

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