Russell Brunson Explains Clickfunnels versus BuilderAll 3.0: Which is better CF vs BA?

Russell Brunson Explains Clickfunnels versus BuilderAll 3.0: Which is better CF vs BA?

Let Russel Brunson provide the differences between ClickFunnel and BuilderAll. both of them will give you different advantages that may suit you. 

Here is the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge to help you get started on the road to your financial success and freedom.

Clickfunnels for Affiliate Marketing

Russell Brunson Explains Clickfunnels versus BuilderAll 3.0: Which is better CF vs BA?

Russell Brunson Explains Clickfunnels versus BuilderAll 3.0: Which is better CF vs BA?

Clickfunnels versus BuilderAll. With BuilderAll 3.0, this question is now even more pertinent.

When BuilderAll first launched a few years ago, admittedly it had some bugs. But with BuiIderAll 3.0, the bugs are gone and Builderall has become an legitimate player in the game.

Last year, BuilderAll was excelled at website, website design and blogs. But now….

BuilderAll has added feature called Canvas that is an all-in-one blueprint and builder for the creation of marketing funnels and sales funnels.

And MailingBoss….. the BuilderAll email autoresponder…. last week I sent out an email blast to 987 recipients and it churned out 51% open rate.

BuilderAll DELIVERS!

In this video Russell Brunson explains his frustrations with people not using his platform properly and also with the people who complain that Clickfunnels costs too much.

In contrast, BuilderAll chooses to work with anyone who would like an internet presence. The platform can currently be purchased for $29.99/mth and if any bugs are found in it, BuilderAll wants to know right away so they can be fixed.

Russell Brunson Explains Clickfunnels versus BuilderAll 3.0: Which is better CF vs BA?


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50 thoughts on “Russell Brunson Explains Clickfunnels versus BuilderAll 3.0: Which is better CF vs BA?”

  1. Great job pointing out the funnelclicks joke from the used car salesman Mr B. I’m surprise anyone went for that. Shouldn’t last long as the reality of the hot air hype sets in. Does anyone realize these hucksters have access to their customer data. Do you really want to rent a corner of honest Johns car lot to sell your cars and put your customer leads in his file cabinet… Same issue coming up with Amazon these days… Thanks for the honest work your’re doing.

  2. Word press with 10 buck a month hosting can do much more. Worth the learning curve. Pretty dangerous putting your customer info onto a platform like clickfunnels. They will sell and you are screwed. You build their business assets by using this crap just to make our job a little simpler for now. No future in this. You will be hosed when they sell and they will sell…

  3. Thanks for this video! To actually see THE Russel Brunson all worked up and irrational about customers and his competition just solidifies why I do NOT like Click Funnels. And I have used both Click Funnels and Builderall actually. And I totally agree with everything you said!! Builderall is way better than CF in my honest opinion. Their customer service is great and it’s an awesome community that helps each other succeed. Instead of just the CEO’s and Owners succeeding. The only reason I put a hold on my membership is that I’m just starting out and lost my offline income so I had to cut corners. BUT as soon as I’m ready I will definitely use Builderall again for my business. I honestly see no value in CF. I really don’t see what people see in it to pay those steep prices!!! LOL. It’s crazy….

  4. hi how is Builderall going … is it still better than clickfunnel & getresponse … i am having traffic & building leads problem with limited fund to pay ads on my blog & affiliate program … been spending months on lots of tools … try to make my stuffs go viral & make money online to become financial free etc … any advise welcome 🙂 thank you

  5. Antoinette Slade

    thank you sooo much for doing this video… It really helped me out a lot!! your awesome!!!.. And thank you fo much for the eye opening and loving approch for builderall.. love the program!!

  6. funny you have a review on this video. I never knew who this clown was until about a year ago and saw this video. This arrogant as*hole would never get a dime from me.

  7. Carlos Plant Co. Life

    Everything is great in Builderall until is not, BA might want to know about bugs to fix but not about issues they can help you fix, great tools, great price, great promotion, great intentions but if anything was to not work you cannot talk to anyone, you open a ticket and it takes forever to get a response, you are able to live chat for basic stuff but you are not treated as a valuable customer.
    I felt treated more like another transaction but nothing about the feel of a real interaction, no apologies, not thank you for your feedback no let us see how we can serve you better but more of why do you want to talk to someone? it was your fault your misspelling was the issue.

    Still trying to cancel my accounts, still getting charged still can’t talk to anyone. BA is a great front shop with no soul in the inside but more of an efficient making $ machine in the back of the house

  8. Thanks for this video…I’m glad I didn’t fall into his trap, he just seems like he’s all about the money, and not really helping people. What if a person has less than 100 bucks, and your telling me your not willing to help me make more money so that one day, I can afford your $300 a month of whatever. Mike thanks again

  9. Builderall it’s great. Don’t stop. Fly with me ….. and follow me on my youtube ch for 1K BONUS 🙂

  10. He looks like a little child that’s angry someone is taking his toys away. Serves him right for charging double what his software is worth lol. Go team Builderall

  11. Builderall is a bit like Tesco or Walmart.
    You can buy a great choice of food feom them. But also Clothing, electronics, insurances, pharmaceuticals.
    They want you to spend your money with them. Not elsewhere. So they will cover as many needs as possible.
    And same with Builderall.

  12. Affiliatemarketingelitegroup JH

    Hi, Mike Russel energy is anger he got an attitude pride and this type off money hungry wolves go down same as the devil. I don’t like his way of talking and I am convinced to go for Builderall I have learned a lot from many Gurus out there are many scammers on Social media that want to take the last cash out of the bank. Builderal can help you start a Small Business.

  13. Michelle Marshall

    Today the price for the top level builderall platform is a mere 69 a month! 29 tools. The foundation being the pixel perfect builder and the email responder! And you can invite others to participate in to use builderall as an affiliate . The compensation program is freakin beyond Amazing! Add the ability to affiliate for a mere 50 dollars a year. (no insider group for 10,000 or whatever like with RB) Builderall is changing the face of internet marketing with integrity. Mike knows the truth. Love ya man!

  14. I honestly have to say that Clickfunnels is far better than Builderall when it comes to building sales pages and funnels (haven’t used their e-mail software and webinar). Builderall IS an affordable alternative, that is undeniable. PS: I have a builderall "Life pass" account since 2016, but every platform has its strong points and weaknesses, some would argue that we shouldn’t go with platforms what so ever, but it is what it is

  15. This click funnels dude is a jacked-up fellow, with $97 per month and just with 100 subscribers homie is banking $116400 per year. This shit is a reap off to me.

  16. TruezonerLLC Where the Truth needs to be told

    my question to you is why are you so but hurt that you have to make a video and still you are using clickfunnels I use both and I do not make any money with either one then you have na cta at the end of your video so who is the hater Russell or you??

  17. Good Video! Glad I finally seen it. I’ve had BA for almost 2 months and at the $49/month plan, I absolutely LOVE it. Its got eeeeeverything!!! lol

  18. Builderall is by far better simply because it has more features at a MUCH better price. For anyone on the fence definitely try the 7 day free trial

  19. Hi Mike. Great video!!! What can you say, one and a half year later, about the bugs on Builderall? Would you still recommend it over Clickfunnels? I love the idea of having all the tools I need, under the same roof, but I’m concerned it can be just too much to handle for one platform only and may turn in low quality. Is there any particular category of users to whom you’d still recommend CF rather than Builderall?
    Also, how is Builderall doing as an e-commerce platform? I’d love to see a video from you on Shopify vs Builderall.
    Thank you!!!!

  20. Alexander Herrera

    Clickfunnels is too expensive for the new starting marketer. I would see it better used for the advanced marketer who needs tax write offs, In my opinion builder all appears to be a much better cost effective option for the new guy. Overall builder-all may not look as sharp as click funnels in design, but they make up for it in sheer volume of VERY NEEDED TOOLS that are affordable an appealing. I am officially joining the builder-all community as use it as my main funnel builder.

  21. good video man and you’re 100% correct that is a douchebag and I don’t know if he’s in the United States are out of the country but it what it sounds like is he’s charging people to cover his rent and expenses this is what it sounds like it’s not economical especially in the marketing world today

  22. Was on the fence of choosing bet. Click funnels and Builderall. Thank you Mike for helping make a decision quickly and easily.
    Being that Builderall has so many tools built in, it’s quite confusing. Is there a place with videos explaining each tool and all it’s features in an orderly manner?
    Went to your website to check it out and possibly sign up but a pop-up says that not everything on the page is current with the release of Builderall 0.3. Is everything updated yet (Aug 21 2019)?

  23. OH, one more thing I wanted to mention. When I decided I did not like Click Funnels and it was not worth the money they are charging, I went into my account and cancelled my subscription a full week and a half BEFORE my next payment was due. I made sure it was cancelled BUT guess what…They just went ahead and charged me anyway!!! And like I said previously, I lost my income and had to pay rent, etc…I was not happy. And to make matters worse they gave me the run around for about 10 days before I finally got my refund. Even though they charged me my account still wasn’t active either! I’m sorry this is so long…Just very frustrating. But thank you so much for this video. It just confirmed to me what kind of person Russel Brunson really is…And with that kind of attitude and outlook towards his customers, it will eventually bring him down…in my opinion. He wouldn’t be where he is right now without those customers…

  24. Got a question…what do you think about his book dot com secrets? Is it worth the time to read it, especially for those who are new, and really want to learn how to to make a decent what $1,000 a month even that would be better if its consistent.

  25. Hey. Thx for the vid mike! I jus found this and noticed that a lot of the comments are a year old. I happened to come across one of your replies where u were speaking to the fact that u use both clickfunnels and that you use BA for building websites. So I’m wondering if i can get an update. Do u still use both platforms and has Builderall made satisfactory improvements. Thx!

  26. Marcelo Hernandez

    I like Builderall, is not expensive, costumer services is great, and easy.! CF is expensive and costumer services is horrible.!

  27. Builderall Village Hall

    Love this video Mike Caldwell!
    Our team at Builderall Village Hall aligns with: Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.
    Anything less is BS.
    This video says alot to those willing to listen.
    Success online takes strategy, failures, learning. Understanding a Personal Journey.
    Choose your mentors wisely! Due diligence folks.
    Frankly all this BS business stuff is not cool.
    I see the landscape changing.
    If you aren’t really providing value, expertise, and help to others… Real Stuff…
    In the long term you’ll have your due regrets of flash in the pan marketing. No matter how big your empire becomes!
    Well done Mike. Thanks for stepping out!
    Thanks for sharing truth. Our world needs truth. Honesty. And the ability to improve the lives of every human person on the planet. Love your message dearheart.

  28. I want to speak from my heart for a moment. Builderall promised me a lot, and has completely let me down. I run a course on overcoming Depression, and since I transitioned to builderall it has only been one issue, after another, after another. Now, even the menu to move from lesson to lesson is not working. Items randomly disappear from my pages. Things move around and duplicate themselves overnight. Support hasn’t been able to help me one bit with any of these issues and they just say the problem is on my end. I have worked with a lot of different solutions for webhosting and building websites, but this one is simply not ready. It’s not there, and its thousands of users are never going to tell anyone so. Because this program is built to sell to people who want to make money selling Builderall. And that’s really it. So you’ll never find a video that talks bad about Builderall, they will all tell you how great it is and how many features it has because they are only paying for Builderall to sell Builderall. This is my honest opinion. If there is anyone out there that actually sells an online solution or has a store through builderall and is able to generate success through it, great on you, let me know. But as soon as I can set up my course and other materials set up on another webhost, I’m leaving. Thank you for reading.

  29. Visiblement en rogne le Russell …. et presque à "insulter" les clients de BA ou les traiter de "petits"…… vraiment pas cool… et là c’est sûr j’irai pas chez ClickFunnel

  30. Michelle Marshall

    Builderall is the Bees Knees… And it has grown up people! Phenomenal value for the ability to present your biz without getting wrapped up in the BS of what you got to spend to have a sleek and branded online presence online… Everything under one roof… without the tech nightmares of connecting everything together… I tried that years ago and it is really an obstacle to get going while spending Way Too Much to get things going… geez!

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