The ULTIMATE ClickFunnels Tutorial – Zero to Expert

The ULTIMATE ClickFunnels Tutorial - Zero to Expert

Are you now ready to start your financial success and freedom? This video below will show you the STEP-BY-STEP procedure on everything you need if you are starting out on ClickFunnels.

From setting things up to use editor and more. We also have a ClickFunnels Community that will also help you to succeed in your way.

Check this Review for ClickFunnels 2019 that can also help you with ideas and the result.

How to Make Money With Clickfunnels TODAY | Clickfunnels Step by Step Tutorial in 2018

The ULTIMATE ClickFunnels Tutorial – Zero to Expert

The ULTIMATE ClickFunnels Tutorial – Zero to Expert

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“Ah! ClickFunnels can be SO confusing!” – if that’s how you’re feeling right now this is going to be a little quick ClickFunnels tutorial that covers EVERYTHING you need to know to start creating successful funnels now.

In this video we’ll be diving in to ClickFunnels and I’ll show you STEP-BY-STEP everything you need to do if you’re just starting out on ClickFunnels – how to set things up, how to use the editor and more.

So, what is ClickFunnels? ClickFunnels is NOT a website builder, it’s not WordPress, it’s not Wix, it’s not there for you to build a website that has menus and everything. ClickFunnels is a place where you typically send paid advertisements or where you increase the value to your customer. ClickFunnels is a place where you capture their emails and you sell things to them – at its core that’s what it is.

Now, what’s a funnel? Basically, when you send traffic to your page you want to 1) capture their email address and 2) sell them some smaller things. For those people who really like our products and are really interested in what we have to sell we can sell them more things; take them on a buying journey: a sales funnel.

Watch the rest to find out the exact steps to create a sales funnel that works and don’t forget to join our Facebook group to gain access to even more free content and courses:



Best Email Autoresponder for Entrepreneurs (HANDS DOWN):






ClickFunnels Review & Tutorial:

The New ClickFunnels Commercial:






The ULTIMATE ClickFunnels Tutorial – Zero to Expert

Become A Funnel Hacker!

ClickFunnels is the best software available for an business! Whether you want to generate more leads online or you are an entrepreneur looking to make your first million by launching your product.

The ClickFunnels Community is here to help you succeed, join us today, become a Funnel Hacker and join the revolution.  

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46 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE ClickFunnels Tutorial – Zero to Expert”

  1. Hey Spencer. Great info and help! The practical, funnel building and user perspective was very helpful, for me, especially around the order form part. Also, your "Free" and "Tools" pages on your website are great! Thank you! 🙂

  2. My man! I’m currently waiting on the video where you’d show us on how you drove traffic to your webinar! Waiting on this! Subscribed!

  3. Ben Arkell - Passive Income Automation

    I need to take a week off from work and watch all of these videos. I’m going to be the smartest CF user the world has ever know pretty soon! haha

  4. My guy, I hope all is well your way! THANK YOU for this video! I just started my Clickfunnels free trial today (been studying digital marketing for about 3 months now, it’s time to get the ball rolling, it’s apparent Clickfunnels be a golden starting point), and you’re giving out GREAT info! I’m paused at 17:52 right now to write this, I IMMEDIATELY went to your website to get the free course when you mentioned it! Thanks man, for real! I’m broke living in my parents’ house with my son in the bedroom I grew up in. I have $1100 saved up and I’m about to invest in my marketing agency and go all in! Because of people like you, giving away what is literally life altering content for free, I’m by the grace of God going to change my own/son’s circumstances, and it feels like a calculated move rather than a brazen leap into the unknown because I’ve been armed with actionable knowledge. When I say I truly mean it when I say thank you…THANK YOU! Be blessed bro, and blessings to whomever may be reading this as well!

  5. The ONE thing I was hoping to learn from this video was to understand what a clickfunnel actually is. And right when you get to that exact part you start stuttering and stammering and now I’m left scratching my head 🙁

  6. I hope so you would reply, Spencer. I want you as my mentor. Accept me as your student. Sorry for spamming. I want to make an impact just like you. 🙂

  7. Builderall professional

    I think builderall is better than click funnels because they charge for membership only 49$ while click funnels charging 297$ builderall is affordable
    go with builderall

  8. Michael Kreyling

    This was a terrific video. You explained everything perfectly, for me anyway. I wool be breaking over to your website tip take advantage of the free courses you have.
    It was nice listening to you, talk to you soon

  9. Hey awesome video! I downloaded your course hoping to learn lots :). Rn im working on a membership funnel campaign for a MLM biz im a rep for. Im planning to offer a guide on the exact process i use to generate leads as a rep. Should i have 2 funnel pages. 1 to offer guide to those seeking to make money online and 2nd funnel use to target potential signups? And since its not my own product, how would i go about handling the CC payment info? Should i just try to get them on a call, close them on a membership?

  10. Benjamin Wong Yiaw Mun

    Bro .. great content.. but maybe you can shrink your pop up a little.. it covered the screen and obstruct the viewing of some functionality .. thank you and keep it up 😀

  11. Sherese Stringfield

    I clicked on this with not knowledge of what click funnels were and you made it easily digestible. It seems really easy

  12. I understand the concept of a funnel. The problem is I own a small business that sells window treatments. It’s hard to up sell or down sell via a funnel. I’m currently trying to figure out a way to offer something for free but have hit a wall. If someone has a local business that offers different variety of items like mine, does a funnel still make sense?

  13. omg freaking lifesaver. I’m a brand strategist and website designer and I was literally banging my head trying to design "funnels" on my own and getting so frustrated after discovering click funnels and having NO IDEA where to start! GAH!! PULL MY HAIR OUT! this is helping so much!!!!

  14. This is so helpful and I have finally ready to move from Leadpages to Clickfunnels… I will use your affiliate link. Also, why Active Campaign vs Aweber? I am fully using Aweber but want to know your thoughts on why it is the best? 🙂

  15. Stories_of_an_entrepreneur

    Great video! Building my first funnel now and this was very helpful! I’m gonna check out your other videos on CF. How do you let people be up sold on the order form? I’m having a hell of a time figuring that out

  16. Davon Self Made Scott

    i have your free course and guys if you want to learn what he knows i suggest you get that course he explains everything about CF and how to get ppl to get signed up

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