Updating your BNI Connect Profile

Updating your BNI Connect Profile

Updating your BNI Connect Profile

Updating your BNI Connect Profile is one of the most essential aspects of your BNI membership and gives you a greater chance of getting found online via BNI Northumbria (https://bni-northumbria.com/) but also getting found worldwide by other members of the BNI INternational community.

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Get Your Business Found On BNI

The details you add to your profile on BNI Connect (computer version) are findable on the BNI Nortumbria website and via the search engines.

Make sure that you give yourself and your business more exposure by completing everything you can on your profile.

This guide will give you the steps to follow.

Update Profile / My BNI Page

BNI Connect Profile Picture1

Put in your full details. The more the better.

Scroll down this page and make sure that My Business details are filled in. (This gets found online via the BNI Northumbria website).

BNI Connect Profile Picture2

Put in your keywords (you have 180 characters available), choose words that people search for online, eg. painter, decorator, buffet, property survey etc – If you are not sure then visit https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/  and type in your business type, this will give you lots of ideas or think ‘What would I search for’ and type that into Google to see what that suggests. 

If you are really stuck, email Adam on adam.mckinnon75@outlook.com and Ill help you.

On the next tab, make sure to have a good photo of yourself and a squared logo.

BNI Connect Profile Picture3

These will appear on your business page on BNI Northumbria.

On the third tab put in as many details as you can including your social media links, not only are these great for a relevant, high domain authority back link but helps people find you online.

BNI Connect Profile Picture4

On the fourth tab make sure that everything is marked to yes, this will give you as much visibility as possible, not just to BNI members but on the BNI Northumbria website as well.

You can put in this section an email forwarder to make sure you receive anything that is sent online goes straight to your inbox.

BNI Connect Profile Picture5

The fifth tab contains your personal profile, make sure it is filled in (gives Carole something to talk about before your 10 min presentation).

BNI Connect Profile Picture6

In the commercial section put in an advert for your services, make sure this is nice and clear and sells your services.

Make sure to fill in your GAINS profile and TOPS information, this is all findable by other members of BNI and gives you a fantastic opportunity to connect and be recognised by other chapters and members.

Having all this information filled in makes it easier for other members in other chapters to find  you and refer work to you.

The final sections shows all the courses that you have attended, bonus, this is filled in automatically for you.

BNI Connect Profile Picture7

Remember that BNI is a worldwide organisation and has a huge reach.

By completing all the details in your profile you increase your chances of getting find by other members of BNI but also being found on the BNI Northumbria website.

If you have any difficulties in setting any of this up just speak to your mentor and they will be there to help you, if they cant help you, send me a message and I will be able to do it.



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